November 2009

One of my favorite things to do is hang out and take photos of the kids at the Montessori school in town, Escuela del Mundo. They get to do so many cool things that were never included in my elementary school years. Yoga in the morning, and once a month excursions to Zubuya. It was as though we entered another world when we arrived at the home of Monica and Marciano (they also teach at the school). They’ve named their land and home Zubuya which is a Mayan term referring to how everything is connected and essentially we’re all one. We were immediately welcomed by a large scorpion which Marciano picked up to show everyone as though it were a petal from a flower. What I love about Escuela del Mundo is how they welcome each day and eachother. They thank the earth for everything it has given them, they stretch a bit, and often, like today, they greet eachother with a salute. Because Dia de Los Muertos was just a day away one of the activities was to carve skull sculptures to put on the school altar. Besides being so much fun for the kids, Zubuya is a photographer’s dream! There were gorgeous wild flowers, butterflies, and little details everywhere I turned, which I put in the next post…

Escuela del Mundo Collage_1

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This past weekend was a big one in Mexico. Dia de Los Muertos is probably the most famous of all Mexican holidays and we held a small festival in San Pancho to celebrate. I absolutely love how Mexicans embrace death as a part of life and have a specific day set aside to celebrate and remember those who of have passed on. If you’ve ever seen a Mexican cemetery you know what I mean. The colors, flowers, and shrines almost welcome you to come in and pay your respects. A stark contrast to the cold gray slabs of the cemeteries in the u.s. of a. The procession was led by Aztec dancers and finished at the plaza where the performances took place. Our theme was Un Colectivo bien Muerto which is a story for another time…



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