January 2010

birthdays have always been extraordinarily draining for me. i always want something to happen. anything to make the day not feel like every other day, but i never want to be the one planning it all out. it seems like this year things have changed. for one thing, i’m now thirty. 30. i feel worse for my parents than for myself, because having a thirty-year-old daughter makes you feel old. to be honest i don’t feel that bad. i thought it would be harder. two years ago i was absolutely dreading the fact that i would be thirty in no time. but now that it’s come i’m surprisingly okay with it. maybe it has to do with the fact that i’ve been in mexico now for almost four years and the stress of getting older and knowing what you’re doing with your life seems to disappear here.

speaking of, i’m going to go take a walk on the beach. and have a michelada. and relax. because really i don’t feel like i need to do anything today. nothing needs to happen. i’m happy. and it feels good. here are some photos that my dad sent me today.

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So it’s a little late, but I’ve been busy… On first day of the year I had the great idea of taking photos of everyone feeling the effects of the night before. Well, not everyone, but I tried. Here’s a little montage of the first day of 2010 in San Pancho, Mexico.

These first two are actually from New Years Eve. I love sparklers.

and here are the peeps…

and a couple more that I couldn’t fit into the collage… who doesn’t want to see cute babies, crazy sand creations, and me?!

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  • Lynn ( Lynsee) Cole - Wowee zowee! Your website has really grown and totally expresses you unique style! Can’t wait to hang out with you in San Pancho!

  • Chrissie Ciampa - Jill,
    Your pictures are fantastic. I’m so happy to see that you are doing something you obviously believe in and love! I especially liked the surprise engagement pictures- my little sister Sarah just got engaged to her boyfriend Jake who she met while visiting me when I first moved here…I’m designing the invites and would love your input! Lemme know how the rest of life is going!

If you’ve never been to a Lucha Libre match then you’re missing out. Mexican wrestling is part of the culture here and completely different than the WWF idea of professional wrestling that most Americans have. Bola of Radio Estacion Pirata and friends Chupon and Cocho of REP producciones are going to be putting on there third Lucha Libre in San Pancho on February 21. It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss. Here’s a slideshow of my photos from the last lucha libre to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Side note: I was super excited to go back and take shots of the wrestlers. I spoke a lot with one of the girls (the one who is bleeding in the last few shots) and when I saw her bleeding I couldn’t even take photos. To be honest I freaked out a little. I didn’t believe that it was just part of the show… well it was, but it was still real blood so I feel like I was kind of justified with the freaking out.

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