May 2010

Death is much more accepted in Mexico. It is celebrated. Being here in this paradise surrounded by such wonderful people it seems as though nothing can touch us. But, death will come to all of us. A good friend, incredible father and husband, and one of the truly most genuine people I have ever met left us yesterday. Lele we are all with you in your journey and we will look after your family as you would have wanted us to.

Lele enjoyed life to the fullest and lived every day as if it were his last. This world is so much bigger than the problems we think we have. You never know when your time will be. Live as though it will be tomorrow.

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.” Dalai Laima

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so i’ve been slacking in the posts, but it’s not my fault. may and june are my busiest months so far this year and on top of everything my brother jamie and his girlfriend jessica are visiting. this in turn means that i am pulled away from my normal position at my computer all day in order to entertain mexico style.

we went to san blas the other day which is about three hours north and so worth the trip if you happen to be down here.

i had ordered a polaroid back for my holga and jamie brought it down so here’s some of the first takes…

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  • kmitch - I like the shots! Very unique composition!

    Very “old world” looking.

    Looking forward to more!