April 2011

It’s very rare that I get to do engagements sessions down here in my hood so when Christi contact me and not only wanted an engagement session, but also wanted it to be styled I was thrilled! She and Taylor came down to do scouting for their wedding in Puerto Vallarta this May and I convinced them to drive up the coast to do the shoot in Sayulita. They were a little hesitant at first, but agreed. It went amazing and I just have to include some of Christi’s thoughts on the shoot since they touched me oh so much.

Her words, “My fiancé and I began the arduous task of planning a destination wedding in January of this year.  Destination weddings are easy breezy, right?  Perhaps for the laissez-faire, hands-off bride.  For a bride that is hands on, like the let-me-do-it-myself me, finding the perfect dynamic was an anxiety-filled road.

Then I found Jillian Mitchell’s Web site, a wedding photographer based out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I knew photography was the most important piece of my wedding, so I had planned to interview photographers in the states and bring the best one with us – wherever we decided to get married.  Jill 180-ed that plan with a few page-clicks through her gallery.   I suddenly knew we were getting married in PV; I suddenly knew there’d be no need for interviewing state-side photographers.

So you have to assume.  When I realized we’d have an opportunity to meet Jill in Mexico prior to our wedding and actually do an engagement shoot with her, I was over the moon.  And she did not disappoint.  These photos were taken in Sayulita, a small town about 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.  Sayulita is the kind of place where time really does slow down, where sipping in the air off the coastline really is medicine for your insides.  It’s a bohemian inspired surfer town in an all-things-vintage-Mexican-kinda-way.  It’s charming. It’s endearing.  And Jill captures it perfectly.

Jill stole my heart.  Sayulita stole my heart.   I think my fiancé would be jealous, except he’s too focused on channeling his inner surfer when we return for our wedding in May…..”

Design by Nierica of Sea of Dreams and all items are handmade by her except for the hearts and silk birds which were made by Vero Bruera.

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I leave in a little less than three hours to go spend a week in the Sierra Madre with a Huichol family who lives in San Pancho. I have been waiting for them to invite me for a long time and now that time has finally come I am a little nervous to say the least. I know I will be in good hands with my girls Selina, Linda, Perla, and Lupita, but I have no idea what to expect. I’m brining three bags of film, my Contax 645, and as a backup my Nikon. Just in case something happens with the Contax I don’t want to be without a camera for the ceremonies. Here are some black and white portraits on film I did a few weeks ago. Some are from the circus rehearsals and some from around town. All processing by Richard Photo Lab in California.

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I knew I would get along wonderfully with Anna and Topper as soon as I went to artslope.com, the online art and design blog that Anna founded. It has all sorts of eye candy for the design lovers out there. I am in love with the city plates they recently featured. If only I lived in New York! In addition to being super cool they also come with super cool friends and family who, as you will soon see, love to get down. I am so lucky they traveled form Brooklyn to Sayulita for their wedding! The ceremony and reception both took place at Villa Amor in Sayulita.

Oh and Anna’s gorgeous hairpiece was made by her friend Alexandra Grecco who has an Etsy shop here and you should check out her blog here because this chick is definitely going places.

I absolutely love these Lucha Libre noise makers. Perfect for the ceremony exit and they make great gifts for guests!

A lot of my brides have been foregoing the wedding cake in exchange for something a little different and more Mexican: Churros!

Those last two were shot with my Holga which has been stuck by my side for a while now. I love how they come out and the best part… no editing necessary!

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  • Anna - Jillian, you are amazing! We had so much fun with you! And, of course, the pictures are stunning, and really captured the JOY of the day! I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been to share them with our family and friends, and how many compliments we’ve gotten! Topper & I have already decided to head back down to Sayulita on our five year anniversary – and promise to look you up to come celebrate with us!

    Thank you for everything!