May 2011

I’m back in Zihuatanejo for Rachel and Cy’s wedding this weekend so I figured it would be fitting to finally post the end result from my editorial shoot for Club Intrawest’s Compass magazine during the Food and Wine Festival this April. I definitely have to do a follow up post with all of the outtakes from the shoot because there are so many due to the fact that Zihua is an incredible place to take photos. I just spent the morning in the markets tracking down the people I took photos of in April to give them copies of the prints. Ultimately I would love to be contracted for more editorial/journalistic shoots. Ah dreams… Travel and Leisure here I come!

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  • Jessica Carlson - Looks straight out of Travel + Leisure to me! Jealous of all your trips to Zihua. Can’t wait to go back! We will see you in a few weeks in MA!

  • Jillian - Thanks Jess! When you become a famous travel writer don’t forget about your personal photographer you will be bringing along! Can’t wait to see you guys at the wedding.

I found one of my new greatest loves in the world at Amanda and Max’s wedding. Mustache tattoos. They are a must for any party. Seriously. But Jill, you might be saying, what are mustache tattoos? Just scroll down and you will see the magic of the mustache tattoo. Besides having incredible style, Amanda, Max, and their entire wedding party were also able to go with the flow down here in Mexico and crash a quinceaƱera that was on the beach below. Oh and the best thing about the wedding? Rather than a “sand ceremony” where the bride and groom each pour different colored sand into one glass symbolizing their coming together, Amanda and Max had a “wine ceremony”. Can you get any better than that? I don’t think so.

I had so much fun at this wedding that it may have been a little too much, but I did earn the best quote ever from Amanda, “I shall call you Catwoman. You were quick, quiet and everywhere. I know I married Max but I might be in love with you!”

The wedding was held at Don Pedro’s palapa, Brisa del Mar, and it was perfectly coordinated by the lovely Kerry Moehler.

Max’s Dad took this one. Love it.

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  • jeanne wobbe - Jill,

    I never get tired of seeing these pictures because they are much more than that. You told a story of a wonderful day in all of our lives. And you did it with style. Thank you for the memories.

    Mother of the Bride

  • CarrieP - These photographs look like they should be in a magazine! It certainly doesn’t hurt that the newlyweds are absolutely gorgeous, but you captured the experience of the day with incredible finesse. What a wonderful event and what a lovely and lively way to remember it!
    Sister of the bride and 1/2 of the minister pair (available for hire!)

  • Max - Thank you Jillian for making our special day last forever with these immortal pictures. It’s amazing how you managed to capture everyone’s personality through the variety of landscapes. Gracias again!


  • Amanda - Jill, you ROCK!!! Everyone who sees the pictures can’t believe one person captured all this. I can still barely believe it. I am also realizing how creepy facebook can be because I have people coming out of the wood work messaging me on how beautiful the photos are. I am not going to lie….I like it :) On a side note I have also had a lot of people from STL asking who you are. Apparently many people assumed we brought you down with us. Bottom line, you are fabulous and we are very thankful we had you. Thanks again.

When Veronica contacted me about her wedding at Dreams Tulum she was adamant about including a day after session. She specifically wanted to go to one of the cenotes in the area. Cenotes are blue green underwater pools that are native to the East coast of Mexico and are most often only accessible with scuba gear, but every now and then you can find some beauties that you can walk to. I spent the entire day before the wedding scouting cenotes and it paid off because we got some amazing shots in some of the caverns. You would never know by the photos, but Veronica was such a trooper because that dress was incredibly heavy once wet.

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  • Veronica - Can you believe I’m just now seeing this! haha. We loved working with you and had so much fun, the pictures you took of our wedding and TTD still has friends and family tearing up and of course saying…”You did what in your dress!”

This post is a long time coming. I went to Escuela del Mundo today to take their “school pictures” and realized I had never really written about them or what they do on my blog. Escuela del Mundo is a Montessori school in San Pancho that gives parents an alternative option to the public schools which when compared to the education levels in the U.S. are easily two to three years behind. The problem is it costs money to run a school and with no help from the government the school is funded completely on tuition, donations, and sponsorships.

I myself sponsor Javier (in the first photo below). Javier is originally from Oaxaca, but his family moved to La Penita and then San Pancho last year when Javier enrolled in the school. His family sells woven palm sombreros and baskets at the Malecon in San Pancho and Javier has been there selling as long as I can remember. It is amazing to see how much he is learning and only makes me yearn for more opportunities for the rest of the children who can’t afford to enroll. My dream would be to get all the Huichol girls enrolled so if you or anyone you know might be interested in donating or sponsoring a child please contact me or you can visit the San Pancho Life page for the school here. This was a group here for a yoga retreat and they helped out and volunteered! This is a great way to get involved and really take an interest in San Pancho. If you have a house here or just come on vacation I highly encourage you to contact them. You can also get involved at entreAmigos or Peace. Every year there is a ceremony where the kids write their deseos (wishes) for the New Year and everyone gathers and the wishes are burned so that they will come true. A tree is planted to mark the end of each year.

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