August 2011

Ria and John got married at Las Caletas, a private beach run by Vallarta Adventures. It’s about an hour away from the mainland by boat and you really do feel like you’re on your own private island. I hung out with Ria and her girls (and guys) in the afternoon before John and the rest of the guests arrived. It’s such a great way for the bride to have a relaxed, low key morning. A delicious Mexican lunch followed by snorkeling? Who wouldn’t want that on their wedding day? The night was topped off with s’mores and fire dancing. This was a seriously super fun wedding to shoot. Planning and design was by the lovely Kelly Karhoff. Stay tuned for the sick ‘trash the dress’ photos from our session in San Pancho later in the week.

This wedding is being featured as the real wedding of the week on Project Wedding which you can check out here.

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  • Ria - Still so in love with each and every picture you took! Jill you rock! Thanks for capturing each moment of our wedding perfectly! Plus, our “trash the dress” shoot was so much fun! can’t wait to see those up!

  • Kerry - Jill! More super photos! You continue to amaze!
    Looking forward to seeing you later this month!

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Film is not dead, or better known to those in the know as FIND, is a workshop put on by Jonathan Canlas. For many it’s all about film. For me it was about so much more than that. Being that I live in the middle of nowhere and don’t go to WPPI (the world fair for wedding photographers), I only really have one or two good photographer friends who I can throw things off of or look to in times of desperation or inspiration. That all changed when I walked in the door of the Lightbank studio in Seattle. What I got more than anything else from Jon’s workshop was a sense of camaraderie and an unbelievable desire to be around other photographers. I was with these people for only three days yet it seemed like we had known each other a lifetime. While most were from Seattle (seriously how can so much talent be in such a small and wet city) there were others from across the States and even another photographer from Mexico. All right he was the only one from Mexico, but I’ve been here for almost six years so let’s just pretend. In addition to the crazy group of attendees we were also graced by the presence of Tavis Johnson and Joe Amundsen, Jon’s former and current assistants who pretty much rock at anything they point a camera at, and last but definitely not least the social hi-jinx of Mr. Jamie Clayton. Oh wait, I almost forgot the awesomeness that is Catherine Abegg. Seriously girl there are no words. You simply rock.

I’ve  been to other workshops and I have never felt the way I did during these three days in July. I was genuinly sad to leave Seattle and even more so these peeps. Lucky for me I got to hang out a bit with Jenny Jimenez before I did. Good times that almost involved smoke bombs, but I digress. When I got back down to hot and humid San Pancho I realized that I didn’t have to leave these people behind. When you go to FIND you are a FINDer for life. The FINDer forum is amazing. It in itself could be worth the price of the workshop. Questions? Just ask them. Inspiration? One click away. Need to vent? These are your people.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Jon. There are a lot of industries (photography being one of them) where people don’t share ideas. It’s cut throat out there and no one could care less whether you make it or break it, but in FINDer land Jon does. Jonathan Canlas is not only an amazing photographer, but an incredible person as well. He doesn’t just want to teach you how he does things. He wants you to find your own way of doing things. He just steers the boat a bit while you steady yourself. Jon loves people who are as passionate about photography as he is and he wants to see these people do well.

Hopefully if you’re like me when you go to FIND you won’t just find film, you’ll find a bit more of yourself and along the way you might even find a crap load of super cool peeps who like to point cameras at things and document life.

Jenny, Kip, John, Fer, Natalie, Christine, Kristin, Silvana, Jennifer, Rebekah, Virgil, Jana, and Will you guys are super rad and I hope that we can all get together someday in the future. Jon, Tavis, Joe, Jamie, and Catherine same goes for you.

These are my behind the scenes of the peeps and some of the places we were. The models will be coming up shortly. All shot on Kodak Portra 400/800, Ektar, and Tri-X. It was basically just one big Kodak love fest.

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A few weeks ago I attended a mind blowing experience. Film is Not Dead is a film workshop given by Jonathan Canlas aka ‘the brown Beiber’. I met so many incredible photographers (most of whom were from Seattle who knew?) and there is so much that I need to write about my three days hanging and shooting with all of them, but first since I’m a bit behind on the posts here are some of the Holga shots I took when we all went out to karaoke. Best. Ice Breaker. Ever.

Oh side note: Jenny Jimenez equals most amazing person/split maker in the world not to mention an incredible photographer.

All shot on Kodak. Some cross processed.

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  • Jamie - wow. seriously. wow. thank you so much for documenting this night. best birthday ever. wow.