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September 2011


I’m about to run to a wedding in Newport, RI where the weather is absolutely gorgeous, but I was getting some photos ready for magazine and blog submissions last night and came across this one of Christi and Taylor. There is just so much love between them in this shot. This is exactly why I love what I do.

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Westport, MA will always have a gimongous soft spot in my heart. I miss it lots and it’s always super special when I get to go back and visit. Especially with these peeps. I’m en route to the States now for some weddings and to shoot some awesome families on film. This is Fuji 400h developed and scanned by the super rad FIND lab.

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Ria+John Trash the Dress

Since almost all weddings in Mexico start a little before sunset that doesn’t leave us with a ton of time for photos of the bride and groom. There are two options: photos before the ceremony or a session a few days after. I love taking advantage of either, but a day after session really allows us for more time to explore the beauty of Mexico and allows me to shoot from more of an editorial/fashion side of things. At least that’s what I’d like to think I’m doing. Either way here are some of my favorites from Ria and John’s portrait session a few days after their wedding in Las Caletas. We started out in the cemetery in Lo de Marcos and then moved on to the ruins and finally to the streets of San Pancho.

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