March 2012

Eva and Michael had sort of an impromptu surf vacation/elopement with their closest friends at a villa in Sayulita. To go along with their last minute them I threw out the prospect of taking a ride up to San Pancho to shoot in the ruins about an hour before we were supposed to start. Michael is a curator in New York and Eva also works in the arts so I thought it would be a beautiful space for them. It worked out well and I even got to squeeze a few Holga shots in there. There were no details, no mason jars, no nothing extra, but there was a whole lotta love and that’s what makes a wedding.

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  • SoulSurfSession - Looks like this was a great success. Bride and Groom look awesome. Great photography. Do you do surf photo’s?

  • admin - I do although not as much as I would like. I would do lots more if you guys wanted me to come down to Nicaragua!

  • Maggie @ Best Wedding Destinations - These pictures are incredible! Love the black and white pictures.

I find myself going to other tropical beach paradises and longing for home. I just don’t want to go to the beach on vacation anymore. I live in my own tropical paradise and it is amazing and it’s going to be really, really hard to beat. I’ve traveled up and down the Mexican coast and although there are some beautiful beaches, whenever I spend more than a few days I always find myself thinking of San Pancho. When I went to St. Lucia I was surprised by how similar the landscape is. Also I would be an incredible driver there because it’s as crazy as it is here only on the other side of the road. Also people honk when passing which I find helpful especially since a majority of the passing is happening on hairpin turns.

I stayed in the heart of Soufriere for a few days following the wedding I shot at Stonefield Estates. It’s always a bit of a shock to go from resort to town, but since I live in the latter normally I feel so much more at home there. Malcolm who ended up being sort of the local guide for the wedding party was nice enough to hang out for a bit and introduce me to his friends and family who were all pretty involved in the local elections. They would be the ones decked out in yellow. It was very surreal drinking Piton and getting the details on the local politics while watching Chicharito play for Manchester United on tv. Since spending years just listening to Spanish being spoken around me (before I could speak myself) I am strangely comfortable around people speaking a different language that I don’t understand at all.

I met these kids below on the town dock doing some late afternoon fishing. Fishing is the same in all the small villages in Mexico I’ve been to as well as here in Soufriere. Line wrapped around a board or a finger. Screw poles.

Oh and all Kodak Portra. A mix of 160 and 800.

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  • Tamara - Jill, you have a gift. Your eye and its extension, your camera, capture the essence, the pause between the breaths, that make life valuable. Thank you for sharing this, Tamara

  • Debby - Jill, amazing photos, I hope you write a photo/editorial piece, please!

  • Catherine Abegg - OH MY FUCKING GOD.

  • Stacey - LOVE these, so vibrant in both life and color!!

  • zoe - i’m heading to st lucia at the end of next week, and am planning to shoot some film. found this on a google search. GORGEOUS!

  • Derville Charlery - Wow Great photography I must say.. So vibrant and it tells many stories. :) damnn!