September 2012

I’m finally getting a chance to post the film I shot at Wirikuta Fest a few months ago. You can see the original post of digital photos here and also see the film I shot in San Andres here. Most of these were shot in the morning and early afternoon before the concert started so there’s a lot of behind the scenes going on. I’ll never forget Ruben from Cafe Tacvba standing on the balcony overlooking the crowd below and blowing kisses saying he felt like ‘la reina de la Primavera’ (the spring princess). The entire day was one big mind blowing experience.

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Andrea and Gaby are the husband and wife team behind Sayulita Dream Weddings. They also happen to be, in my opinion, the hottest rockstar couple in Sayulita. I got a chance to shoot Andrea’s maternity photos yesterday and had a ton of fun hanging out with them and their sweet little guy Maximo. Although it will be a while before the film comes back I took some polaroids with my incredibly fun, but so bulky Polaroid 100b as well to satisfy that instant gratification.

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This was my game changer wedding. The one that made me realize exactly why I do what I do. I get to capture an insanely personal rite of passage for two people to remember for the rest of their lives. I also get to meet these people and in turn become a part of their lives. More often than not this is done from across the globe. Some times I get a chance to meet my couples on Skype and sometimes we meet on the day of the wedding. That’s just how it goes and even those times when we don’t meet they are trusting one of the most important days of their lives to me and that is a big leap of faith. Wedding photography is extremely personal and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. I truly want to be a part of this crazy emotional roller coaster of a day called a wedding, not just some random hired person with a camera. I was all up in Tannen and Peter’s shit and it was awesome. I stayed until way too late in the evening and went by and hung out the next day under the pretext of dropping off their polaroids which you can see here. These two people give me the faith that there is someone out there for all of us… even if we haven’t found them yet. To see why I love them so much check out their reaction to their wedding photos here.

Their wedding is also being featured on What Junebug Loves and Tannen’s words just about broke my heart.

This wedding is almost entirely film. Lots of Kodak with some Fuji instant film thrown in there as well.

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    My family loved it too.