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October 2012



Patzcuaro, Mexico Night Market // Jillian Mitchell

‘… the moment you cross the little wire gate and you’re in Mexico, you feel like you just sneaked out of school when you told the teacher you were sick and she told you to go home, 2:00 in the afternoon… the further you go from the border and deeper down, the finer it is, as though the influence of civilization hung over the border like a cloud.’ – Kerouac

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annie - love! Mexico appreciates your love, I am sure!

Erin+Tommy | Charleston, SC

Lots of people don’t watch slideshows. It takes too much time. You have to press buttons. It takes, you know, effort. So for people who don’t, here’s Erin and Tommy’s Charleston, South Carolina wedding. For people who do, you can see the slideshow here. It’s worth it just to listen to the music.

I was so lucky to be a part of this day. I have known Erin and Tommy for almost ten years now and was working with Tom the first night he laid eyes on Erin when she walked in the restaurant we both called home in Warren, RI. They have been through a lot together and their loved has survived it all. This was one of the sweetest weddings I have documented and yet again makes me realize why I do what I do.



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Gonzalo - another great shooting Jill!!!