This weekend is the eighth annual fundraiser for Entreamigos and the fourth Circo de Los Niños. I am so proud of these kids and so lucky to be able to work with them on a daily basis. You can see the photos from the first circo here and here and portraits of our scholarship kids here. If you’d like to make a donation head over to the Entreamigos website

These are some favorites from the past year or so of impromptu circus performances. Side note: I don’t want you to think the kids are all angry. They’re not. They love this stuff. In those photos I told them to be serious. Serious clowns are hilarious.

entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_013 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_012 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_014 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_001 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_002 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_003 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_004 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_005 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_006 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_007 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_008 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_009 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_010 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_011 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_038 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_033 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_039 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_040 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_041 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_042 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_043 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_044 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_037 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_045 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_046 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_049 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_051 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_055 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_056 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_052 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_053 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_054 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_024 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_025 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_026 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_057 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_058 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_015

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  • Luciana Franca - Hi, Jillian, how are you?
    I am a Brazian journalist and I am writing an article about Circo de los Niños. I’d been at Entre Amigos fews days before the show and interviewed Nicole Swedlow.
    Can I use a couple of pictures on my article, with your credits?

    By the way,did you take pictures of show? I need some.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Luciana Franca

  • Jillian - Hi Luciana! Of course. You can use whatever you’d like and if you take a look at Entreamigos Facebook page I just uploaded all the images I have from the show there as well.

One of the most important stories that I continually document is that of Entreamigos and the amazingly beautiful kids that are a part of it. (To see a few previous posts on EA go here, here, and here.) Last year I shot black and white portraits of all the children that are on scholarships at Entreamigos and the following is just a small glimpse into the 60 plus students, from primary school to university, that the program funds early. These scholarships help fund tuition, uniforms, and books/supplies along with the tutoring and classes that they have weekly at Entreamigos and it’s all tax deductable since EA is a 501(c)3. So with the end of the year coming up if you know anyone that needs/wants/absolutely has to donate to a cause, please let it be this one. You can find all you need to know about donating at the Entreamigos website, or feel free to email me with any questions. I’ve had several clients sponsor children or ask their guests to make donations in lieu of wedding gifts and it truly does make a difference. If you’re coming to the area any time soon please take a swing by the main street in San Pancho and learn more about Entreamigos and the programs it offers.

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Even with the influx of tourism to our area there is still an immense amount of poverty and lack of resources for the surrounding towns. Sayulita and San Pancho have a multitude of programs for the local kids, but San Ignacio and Las Lomas tend to get thrown to the wayside. This past year some friends rented out a small room and piece of land in San Ignacio to open a youth community center. There are several different classes ranging from silks and African dance to English and math. These are some images I took on my last visit.

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  • Debby - Thank you so much for sharing their stories. You and your friends remain my heroes. Love you all so much, and thank you for all the good you do.

I’ve written about these globos (balloons) before. The most magical part about them is making them by hand and then watching them fly through the air. Every year in the summertime Entreamigos holds their summer workshops (full post to come) and this year Regi gave a workshop on the making of these globos. Since I love these things oh so much I joined in and took the workshop with about 12 other local kids. At the end of the week we went down to the beach to set them off. All of the families ended up participating to help us get them in the air. The pride on their faces as they watched their balloons float away is absolutely priceless.

This was our process.

Gracias a Regi y todos los niños por participar en el taller y ser tan chidos!

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  • Shipra - This absolutely makes me so happy. I felt like my heart was in my throat watching the joy and anticipation on faces as the lanterns were being set aloft. Not to mention the incredible photography!