One more of my favorites from Solange and Brian’s Brooklyn wedding before I post the whole thing. I’m just getting back into the swing of things here in Mexico after my west coast weddings in the states. Blue skies with rain in the afternoon; It’s my absolute favorite time of year down here which makes it a little harder to sit inside and work! Glasserie Wedding Photographer Fine Art Wedding Photography

Glossary Wedding Photographer Fine Art Film Photography

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Solange and Brian’s insanely wonderful New York wedding was featured in last week and in this month’s issue of Brides magazine. Solange is a stylist for Paper magazine and understandingly so her wedding was full of the most perfect details you can imagine. Nothing over the top, just the right amount to make their day picture perfect. You can check out more images and their incredible story here. The full post will be up as soon as I’m done traveling on the west coast for my end of summer weddings.

I’m loving all the press this celebration got as it was my favorite of the year (which may or may not be because Brian is a producer for This American Life and they had an actual story they recorded and played during the ceremony, but I’ll save that for the wedding post).

New York Wedding

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