Entreamigos | Circo de Los Niños

This weekend is the eighth annual fundraiser for Entreamigos and the fourth Circo de Los Niños. I am so proud of these kids and so lucky to be able to work with them on a daily basis. You can see the photos from the first circo here and here and portraits of our scholarship kids here. If you’d like to make a donation head over to the Entreamigos website www.entreamigos.org.mx.

These are some favorites from the past year or so of impromptu circus performances. Side note: I don’t want you to think the kids are all angry. They’re not. They love this stuff. In those photos I told them to be serious. Serious clowns are hilarious.

entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_013 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_012 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_014 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_001 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_002 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_003 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_004 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_005 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_006 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_007 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_008 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_009 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_010 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_011 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_038 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_033 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_039 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_040 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_041 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_042 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_043 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_044 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_037 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_045 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_046 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_049 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_051 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_055 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_056 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_052 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_053 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_054 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_024 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_025 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_026 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_057 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_058 entreamigos_mexico_nonprofit_circus_015

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  • Luciana Franca - Hi, Jillian, how are you?
    I am a Brazian journalist and I am writing an article about Circo de los Niños. I’d been at Entre Amigos fews days before the show and interviewed Nicole Swedlow.
    Can I use a couple of pictures on my article, with your credits?

    By the way,did you take pictures of show? I need some.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Luciana Franca

  • Jillian - Hi Luciana! Of course. You can use whatever you’d like and if you take a look at Entreamigos Facebook page I just uploaded all the images I have from the show there as well.

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