I want to praise you.

I should have an area on my site where my clients write nice things about me. You know, how they love their images (and me) and how they couldn’t imagine what their day would have been like had I not been there. I always feel a bit obnoxious putting things like that on the interwebs… until now. Matt’s email to me was so sincere and beautiful and made me tear up and say out loud to no one, “this is why I love what I do”, and it is. This is exactly why I love what I do. I’ve included Missy and Matt’s slideshow so you can see what he saw and hopefully feel a bit of what he felt. (Side note Matt is an amazing videographer who has created shows for The History Channel and National Geographic so as a professional photographer this is praise not only from clients, but also from a veteran in the business of making amazing images.)

Here’s Matt:

“So I never formally thanked you for absolutely nailing our wedding day (photographically-speaking of course)!  You have found and cultivated a talent that many people spend a lifetime chasing… and you do it like a badass! You could not have captured our day any better, or in a way more reflective of who we are.  It’s 100%, unabashedly and unapologetically us!  You are a true professional in the most unprofessionally perfect sort of way; not only documenting the day better than dreamed, but actually adding to the stoke and innumerable stories born that trip.  You are officially part of the tribe!

Again… Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!  Missy has probably watched that slideshow over 125 times now and we couldn’t be any more over the moon with the way the entire day turned out.  You have left us an unmatchable documentation of the greatest day of our lives and by far the best party we have ever thrown.”


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