I love my clients.

I wasn’t sure whether to post these or not, but I keep coming back to them and wanting to share them with the world. They make me smile. These are Tannen and Peter’s reaction to their wedding photos and slideshow. Yes, they took photos of themselves looking at photos and yes, I love them for it. I laughed out loud and then I made an animated gif to put on my blog cause that’s how I roll.

online gif creator

"We took three photos. These were our reactions. Perfect? We think so. Much love and thanks from the happiest couple in the world. We are so grateful for your talents and for being such an amazing human being. We are honored to call you our friend."

You might remember Tannen and Peter from their game changing wedding. These two people changed my vision of my wedding photography from a somewhat personal and entirely business relationship to an entirely personal and somewhat business relationship. It’s all about the connection. To get a taste of their rocking photos check out the polaroids from their wedding day here

If you want to have reactions like this when you see your wedding photos give me shout. I want to document your day.

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