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My brother got married. I shot it on film… mostly. I brought the whole arsenal with me including the GA645 which is what takes the amazing straight on flash photos that you’ll see in the reception. I’ve shot friends’ weddings before, but this was a whole different ball game. You see moments that most people would take for granted, but because you’re part of the family you know you want them. Every wedding I’ve shot since then has been like that for me which is why I actually make myself a part of each and every event so I can capture those moments that might otherwise be missed. Moments are what get you through this crazy thing called life. This movie that we are struggling to get through together. Mine is usually a comedy with me being on the receiving end of the jokes, but on this day it was a love story plain and simple.

To see the full wedding or to buy prints go here.

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  • Jen - Jill, I love these SO much!! What a fun family you have and the fact that you were able to capture these for them is so wonderful. I am sure your whole family will cherish these forever. Excellent work my friend, you have some serious talent!!

  • Debby - Thank you, Jill! We are so proud! The love in this post is amazing! I just wish we could hear the Beatles at the end of the ceremony along with the awesome images.
    You are wrong though, you CAN write. What a great post comment!!!!!

  • Dexter Darian - awesome

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