Capitol Hill Block Party

When I was in Seattle last summer for the FIND workshop I had a chance to go to the Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle’s three day downtown music festival with mostly up and coming independent bands. The friend who had invited me got sick so I had an extra ticket which went to one Joe Amudsen. Joe works for Jonathan Canlas and is also a sick photographer in his own right. We arrived and the first words out of his mouth were, “Every man for himself. I’m going to the right”. So there I was with my Contax and film, outside on a beautiful day at essential a huge street party with good music. I walked around for a bit taking in the sites and sounds, but made sure to make it back for Ra Ra Riot. I positioned myself at the edge of the crowd near stage right and next to the security guard for the pit area. We chatted a bit and when the Head and the Heart and Ghostland Observatory came on afterwards he let me go in the pit to take photos. If you haven’t heard any of these bands you need to. They rock. Ghostland Observatory pretty much blew my mind. It is actually very difficult to load film while dancing and it is nearly impossible not to dance when Ghostland starts playing.

So here’s my day one. You can see day two here. I would love to document a show like this again. It’s not so much the performances or the musicians that are important to me, but the entire scene. A documentary of the day as you will. You can see Les Savy Fav here and

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