Wirikuta no se vende.

In honor of Wirkutafest happening this weekend I’m finally going to post my photos from the mountains where I went last Semana Santa with my girls (Perla, Lupita, Linda, y Selena) and their parents, Vidal and Yolanda. I have known this four girls for six years now and had been waiting for an invitation to their pueblo in the Sierra Madre. We drove up through Tepic and arrived in San Andres Cohamiata (Vidal’s pueblo) for ten days. The Huichol are one of the last remaining indigenous people on this earth who still speak their own language, perform their native ceremonies, and create their native art. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am adorned by chaquira (the bracelets I always have and the native Huichol art) at all times. It was an honor to be invited and even more so to be allowed to take photos.

Land is sacred to Wirikuta and none more so the the land of the medicina peyote in the desert of San Luis Potosi. The efforts of Frente en Defensa de Wirikuta and the reason behind Wirikutafest is to preserve these sacred sites and raise awareness and funds to fight the mining and sale of this land to foreign corporations. For more information please go to their website. Preserving this ancient culture is not only important for the history of Mexico, but for the world.

Here’s the black and white from my time there. All shot on a mixture of Ilford film.



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