Scholarships at Entreamigos

One of the most important stories that I continually document is that of Entreamigos and the amazingly beautiful kids that are a part of it. (To see a few previous posts on EA go here, here, and here.) Last year I shot black and white portraits of all the children that are on scholarships at Entreamigos and the following is just a small glimpse into the 60 plus students, from primary school to university, that the program funds early. These scholarships help fund tuition, uniforms, and books/supplies along with the tutoring and classes that they have weekly at Entreamigos and it’s all tax deductable since EA is a 501(c)3. So with the end of the year coming up if you know anyone that needs/wants/absolutely has to donate to a cause, please let it be this one. You can find all you need to know about donating at the Entreamigos website, or feel free to email me with any questions. I’ve had several clients sponsor children or ask their guests to make donations in lieu of wedding gifts and it truly does make a difference. If you’re coming to the area any time soon please take a swing by the main street in San Pancho and learn more about Entreamigos and the programs it offers.

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