I’ve known Erin and Tommy for almost ten years. That seems so insanely long to me. I was there when they first met in the restaurant we all used to work at in Warren, RI and they actually drove down with me the first year I moved to Mexico. It seems only fitting that I documented their day. I don’t usually post slideshows and rarely do I make them this long, but this one made me cry more than once so I figured it should be shared. I spent the weekend with them in Charleston and was there to tell the whole story starting with a rehearsal in the park and then an incredible family style welcome dinner catered by the restaurant that Tommy works for in downtown Charleston. Then it was on to their wet, but beautifully unique wedding. I truly couldn’t have imagined it any other way. Any time there’s a threat of rain I’m going to show these photographs. It doesn’t matter what happens on your day. Your love will carry you through and make it your own.

Everyone deserves their story played out before their eyes.

Music by Allo Darlin’. They are amazing.

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