Christy+Colin | Apple Barn Farm, New York

Way, way back in the day I lived in Sydney, Australia. After spending a few not so fun months living with three girls who were decidedly not meant to be sharing a small apartment together I met a crazy red haired chick named Christy. Christy was everything I had ever wanted to be, an amazing artist (this was still in my applied math and engineering days), completely free spirit, and just awesome all around. Christy and I spent that year living on Bondi beach and doing everything we could to find the most possible trouble to get into. If you’ve ever been to Syndey you know that this is incredibely easy.

Fast forward ten years and Christy (or monkey as we call each other) found her own monkey to spend her life with. It may or may not have started over a conversation about beans, but that’s a whole other story. Colin is the perfect match for my monkey and I couldn’t have been more honored to spend three days with them in Hudson, NY at the Apple Barn Farm estate. There was a small, intimate legal ceremony a few days before the wedding for family and a welcome dinner held at the smaller farm and then it was onto the big event. Things were a little hazy after a while, but I do know the dance party was insane which was only to be expected.

Christy, like myself, is a sucker for anything vintage so real polaroids were a must. I loaded up on film from the Impossible Project and although their developing process is still a bit experimental it fit in perfectly with Christy’s style. To see Christy’s amazing paintings go here.

Their wedding was also featured on Grey Likes Weddings and over at Lovely where Christy got her dresses including her amazing Delphine Manivet wedding dress. If you’re a New York bride this store is not to be missed.


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