Gloria+Kevin | Sayulita, Mexico

Hey girl, your wedding was amazing. Also your Barbizon modeling classes totally paid off. Glamour Shots here we come!

Kevin and Gloria were the best closing to my crazy month of November that I could have every imagined. People always ask me if it’s easier to take photos of gorgeous people. My answer is always love beats beauty any day. Love is what shines through in my photographs. I am so incredibly blessed to have a chance to be a part of my amazing couples’ lives. With Gloria and Kevin I had the best of both worlds. These two smoking hot individuals rocked the hell out of their photos not because they are easy on the eyes, but they are so crazy in love it makes you want to throw up a little bit in your mouth. I mean hot and in love?

They also did something that I’ve never seen before: they pitted each table against each other in the contest to be crowned ‘the coolest table’. It was a fantastic way to make dinner more interactive especially for the kids that were there. Everyone knows you get more points for blatantly abusing young talent and those two with the mustaches were more than happy to get in on the act.

Their wedding was featured on What June Bug Loves. Head over there to see more of the detail shots and read about their story.


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