Jaime+Eric | Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

I first met Jaime and Eric when they came down to do some scouting for their wedding back in February. As we were in the middle of our meeting (I use that term loosely since we really just hung out and chat) Eric got the news that his new rugby television show (he is the chairman of the Canada Rugby League) was green lit so we were already off to a great start. Jaime is no slouch herself being an incredible designer and writing her awesome food blog The Tomato Snob. She has some great recipes on there some of which I have actually attempted and more or less failed most of the time, but they still come out pretty delicious. It’s not important how they look it’s how they taste right? (Says the photographer…)

They spent the day with 60 of their friends and family at Dreams Villa Magna in Nuevo Vallarta. After the wedding they came up to San Pancho for a few days and we got to hang out and take some photos in the ruins and around town. Those will be up on Monday.

Their wedding is also being featured in the new Wedding Bells magazine hitting newsstands this week. Congrats guys!

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