Dominique+Murad | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dominique and Murad got married this past October in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Dominique has been visiting Vallarta since she was little so when the big day finally came it was an easy choice to have the wedding down here rather than in Canada. Also convenient was their friend Chawnalee’s gorgeous house on the hill at the beginning of the downtown area. Just the right amount of old school Mexican architecture, but with the amenities you can’t live without (like a red pool) and Chawnlee has found some amazing pieces throughout Mexico over the years to further add to the decor. Dominique is a trained sommelier so I knew there was a great party planned, but it got even better when Cocho (San Pancho local and our Friday night escape in Sayulita) was hired to be their DJ. To round it out Mishka presided over the ceremony. We were representing hard core.

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