Rachel and Cy got married in Zihuatanejo, Mexico at Villa Quinta Troppo. I love shooting in Zihua. I was there for Jess and Brian’s wedding last October and then for Club Intrawest shooting for their magazine Compass in April. If I were to move on from San Pancho it would probably be to Zihua. It still has the small town Mexico charm that seems to be slowly slipping away from other areas of the coast.

There were so many beautiful aspects about this wedding least of not were the awesome friends and family that Rachel and Cy have. Their photo session before the ceremony is probably one of my favorites all year. It was hotter than hell, but we braved the heat with the help of our trusty taxi driver and a little later on some fresh (and deliciously cold) coconuts. Nothing like some electrolytes to get you through the heat of Zihua in May.

The girls met up at Casa que Canta and were escorted down to the ceremony by Mariachi who then escorted the entire wedding party down the beach and up to La Quinta Troppo after the ceremony. The dancing was amazing (limbo!) and I found my new favorite fiesta dance off: double dutch. That alone would have been a great ending, but no heat induced wedding is complete without a jump in the pool and some tequila. Yes, I was in there too.

Here are some of my faves from the day. It was so hard to narrow this one down.

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