Connery+Pash | Wellesley, MA

This wedding kicked serious ass. It was a three day extravanganza in Wellesley, MA and I was so lucky to be a part of it. I first met Connery and Pash in Zihuatanejo while shooting Jess and Brian’s destination wedding. When they asked me to fly up to Massachusetts to be a part of their day I was more than happy to do so. It works out well since I get to go visit friends and family and shoot a few weddings along the way.

In addition to being awesome peeps they both have amazing families. Pash’s family is originally from Ghana and if you’ve never been a part of a Ghanian dance party or partaken in the amazing food you are totally missing out. I was lucky enough to be a part of not one, but two dance parties and ate my way through the country at brunch the day after the wedding.

The welcome party was held at Wellesley College which is also where we did portraits before the ceremony.

The girls got ready at the Hotel Indigo in Newton and the boys got ready at Pash’s childhood home. Then it was off to Wellesley College for photos. The ceremony was presided over Pash’s father who is a minister at Wellesley Congregational Church.

The day after the wedding there was a brunch held at the Obeng house. I wasn’t technically working, but when I saw the incredible Ghanian clothing that the women wore (and the custom pieces that were made for Pash, Connery, and the rest of her family) I had to take a few shots.

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